Full Potential 


Meet Rana Dajani

By Mayss Alami

The Western world often perceives the hijab (head-scarf) as a limitation of female autonomy in the SWANA region. Dr. Rana Dajani, today’s SWANA Womxn feature, is a testament to how flawed this idea is. Dr. Dajani tells us that she wears not one but five scarves, each distinguishing a role she identifies with.


By Janelle Jajou

The first time I broke a mirror, I was 16.It involved no fumbling or dramatics; the stand simply could not bear the weight of the mirror anymore, and so it collapsed.

1st submission — أصواتنا “our voices”

By Nadeen Ashraf

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year because, who are we kidding, 2020 needed to end. Secondly, I want to share an update on the Ahmed Bassem Zaki case that I mentioned in my first post. On December 29th, I received great news: Ahmed Bassem Zaki received a 3 year sentence for harassment and has been charged for raping 3 women by fear or force.

Meet Bahia Shehab: artist, historian, author, and educator based in Cairo, Egypt

By Sara Azmoudeh

Hello everyone! My name’s Sara (she/her). I’m another one of the womxn behind Full Potential, and I had the honor of interviewing this week's Swana Woman: Bahia Shehab!